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Real Estate Law

We are real estate lawyers. We help our clients close the deal.

“The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” – John D. Rockefeller

In real estate law, keeping deals on track from contract to due diligence to a closing is critical to getting a deal done. Every deal hinges on clearing away obstacles and resolving dilemmas that would otherwise bring the transaction to a standstill. We work side-by-side with owners, developers, and tenants throughout the lifecycle of a real estate project. We know that every real estate deal is an investment that requires a certain return to make the deal profitable. Our goal is to ensure that the legal arrangement between the parties meets our client’s long-term business objectives for the project.

When breaking ground or taking title is on the agenda, and an array of stakeholders are involved in the project, project manners need a lawyer that can bring the project to completion and get the deal closed.

Our real estate lawyers hone their negotiation skills by working side-by-side with our clients to get deals done right. Savvy business counselors know how to focus on the non-negotiable must haves and on delivering the legal support to make a transaction work. They are astute salesman who can direct the process of negotiations to frame and shape the deal to deliver an executed contract that meets the client’s goals.

We take a team approach. Our attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff work as a transaction team, quickly preparing the necessary documentation and back-up to sell our client’s position, structure the transaction properly, and get the deal closed.

Our Process

1. Begin with the End in Mind

We do not believe in being passive bystanders documenting the business deal as it develops. We help to define and communicate the end-result our client needs up front. Starting with a clear picture of what a successful closing for the transaction looks like, we work with our client to sell the deal. Whereas some lawyers are deal-killers who insist on encyclopedic protections that are barriers to a deal and cause gridlock, we take the pulse of our client’s appetite for risk and key-in on the importance of the deal upfront before we first touch pen to paper or pick up the phone to spar over deal points.

2. Clear Communication

Deals are like marriages.  They live or die over clear communication.  Our method involves getting a command of the “asks” on our side first so we can determine the best business arrangement that makes the deal work.  Then we consider what our side is willing to “give” to make the deal happen.  We take a collaborative approach and work in consultation with in-house counsel and business executives to define the business goals clearly, so we can best communicate them in negotiations.

3. Negotiation

Good negotiations require a singular focus on the objective from our standpoint, while still recognizing the value proposition from both sides of the table. We believe in clearly articulating the operative deal terms at the beginning and working to achieve consensus through precise and meaningful communication. Sometimes it is better to walk-away from a deal where both sides do not see eye-to-eye, but before you can get to a “go/no-go” decision, it is important that everyone is speaking the same language.

We find that this direct approach to negotiation leads to a meaningful dialogue, a seamless deal flow, and is the quickest path to closing the deal.

4. Finalizing Deliverables

As soon as the contours of the deal are sketched out in pencil, we get to work on the deliverables that are needed to get to the closing table.  Our attorneys work with the business team to check-off the most critical items on the closing checklist and resolutely work down the list to keep the deal on track to close as scheduled.

5. Closing

Our business lawyers have an instinct for getting the deal done. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a deal from inception to closing, negotiating successfully, and getting a win on the books. But, try as we might, every transaction doesn’t follow a linear trajectory from beginning to end. Doing “a deal” should never take a back seat to doing “a good deal.” Our attorneys are committed to giving frank advice and changing course if the situation calls for a shift in focus. We are flexible and always willing to re-think, re-draft, or re-envision what is needed as the goal post shifts. Whatever the situation, we always find a way to get the deal done or get on to the next deal when that is not an option.

The best deals are sometimes those that change and evolve, that are sharply disputed and contentious, and teeter on the brink of the abyss before finding firm footing. Our business lawyers are devoted to long-term success for your business. We are keenly aware that the rapid pace of business and changing priorities can derail a transaction midstream or require re-negotiating old deals to work under present circumstances.

We have seen business disputes headed for litigation resolved over a lunch or dinner meeting, seen contentious executives ready to walk-away from a decades long relationship re-think the situation and find common ground, and have seen re-negotiated deals turn out to be more fruitful on the second iteration than they were on the first. We are in your corner and committed to getting a result, no matter what the situation calls for.

Sound Advice & Counsel

We are not a passive participant in your transaction. As business lawyers, we have experience with similar transactions and are in a position to more meaningfully evaluate the level of legal risk that makes sense in a given situation.

We do not pull any punches in telling you what we recommend based on our experience. But, once you decide how to move forward, we will execute on your desired approach with total commitment.

Protective Legal Protection

Part of our service is to minimize your exposure to liability. This goes without saying in today’s business world where default remedies, limitation of liability, indemnification, liquidated damages and alternative-dispute resolution are in the vernacular of business executives.

Risk Management

We continuously improve business processes through experience. We have an eye to minimizing future risks. We do so by implementing strategic practices that we incorporate through contractual protections added into all of a business’s material agreements. Adding standard arbitration provisions into routine supplier and vendor agreements in order to cut the cost associated with disputed invoices and/or collections is one example.

Contract Management

Every company needs processes and procedures to document and keep track of their material agreements, monitor compliance with them, and enforce terms when needed. We partner with our clients to put these systems into place and provide external contract management support as needed.

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