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Commercial Litigation

We are trial lawyers. Our litigators aggressively pursue our client’s interests in and out of court.

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” – Sun Tzu

In business disputes, the party who is prepared to take the case to trial, if necessary, has the advantage negotiating in the board room. We are committed to hands-on trial practice and hiring experienced lawyers who have actually been in the trenches, so that your adversaries count the cost of a confrontation carefully. The net result is preventing you and your team from finding your business on the frontlines of a high-stakes battle unnecessarily.

However, when litigation becomes unavoidable, the only acceptable outcome is to win.

Our trial lawyers hone their trial skills through hands-on experience. Born trial lawyers thrive under the conflict and drama of the courtroom. They are artful storytellers who can reduce complex fact patterns to simple dramas that are easy to grasp.

We take a team approach. Our attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff work as a team to prepare a case, marshal evidence in support of our client’s position, undertake an exhaustive investigation, and present the case at trial.

Our Process

1. Begin with the End in Mind

We do not believe in handling litigation like a joy ride where we set off aimlessly to see where we end up.  We start with a clear destination in mind, and work with our client to clearly define their objectives in litigating an issue.  We analyze the cost/benefit and set a budget for the project before we first touch pen to paper.

2. Factual Investigation

Arguments are like buildings.  They are only as good as their foundations.  Our method involves getting command of the facts before determining our best arguments and our strategy for meeting the client’s objective.  We take a collaborative approach and work in consultation with in-house counsel or business executives to gather evidence and select the best arguments.

3. Negotiation

We do not believe in hiding the ball.  We believe in clearly articulating our position up front and telling our adversary in a blunt and direct manner exactly what will happen if a deal cannot be reached, and then following through on that promise.  We also believe in clearly setting forth the basis for our negotiating position up front, and sharply spelling out for our adversary their best alternative to a negotiated offer, and why the demand we are making is a better deal for them, or, indeed, the only acceptable option they have.  We find that this direct approach and the discipline and preparation it conveys often leads to an early settlement or sets the groundwork to resolve the dispute favorably down the road.

4. Marshalling of Proofs & Arguments

As soon as preliminary negotiations fall through, we relentlessly marshal our proofs and prepare the case, driving forward until the case is adjudicated or until an acceptable resolution is reached.

5. Litigation or Settlement

Our trial lawyers are born to engage in the arena.  Nothing is more satisfying than going to battle, standing your ground, and emerging victorious.  That said, business is business.  Neither the business world nor the court process is a “zero sum” game.  Relationships last decades and sometimes span generations.  Sometimes legal cases do as well.  The best deals and the most lasting reconciliations benefit everyone.  Our trial lawyers are practical businesspeople as well as competitors.  We are keenly aware that the tides of uncertainty and the changing stakes of conflict can lead to a deal at any moment.

We have seen cases settle over an initial call, during jury selection, moments after Opening Statements conclude, in the hallways after a punishing cross-examination, while the jury is deliberating, during the pendency of an Appeal, and even years after judgments or Settlement Agreements have been finalized.

Sound Advice & Counsel

We are not a passive participant in your case. As trial lawyers, we have experience with similar cases and are in a position to more meaningfully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case than you are.

We do not pull any punches in telling you what we recommend based on our experience. But, once you decide how to move forward, we will execute on your desired approach with total commitment.

Proactive Legal Protection

Part of our service is to minimize your exposure to liability.

Risk Management

We continuously improve business processes through experience. We have an eye to minimizing future risks and implementing protective procedures as conflicts arise.


Every company needs processes and procedures to document problems in their core business so as to be prepared if litigation becomes necessary, and we partner with our clients to put these systems into place.

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