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We are landlord/tenant lawyers. We help our clients profitably manage their real estate assets and lease portfolios.

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep.” – John Stuart Mill

In property management, landlords must actively enforce their contractual rights under their portfolio of leases to earn consistent profits and maximize their return on investment. Every real estate asset creates a maze of relationships that present unique challenges. We work side-by-side with owners, in-house counsel, property managers, lease administration teams and other stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. We know that setting expectations and providing clear communication is critical to maintaining fruitful landlord/tenant relationships. Our goal is to proactively address conflicts as they arise to protect our client’s long-term business interests for the project and to set up workflows and precedents for handling recurring issues expediently and effectively.

When complex business disputes arise and become contentious, property managers need to efficiently deal with and juggle a variety of priorities while forging ahead to meet projections and fulfill project objectives.

Our landlord/tenant lawyers hone their negotiation skills by working side-by-side with our property management clients to enforce their rights and manage their assets effectively. We know that property managers need results, not legal cases. Savvy business counselors know how to assist business teams to stave off potential train wrecks and to keep the train on the tracks. Complex and reciprocal business relationships governed by detailed legal agreements give rise to a wide variety of disputes and conflicts, and a truly multi-disciplinary and business-oriented firm is needed to provide legal support.

We take a team approach. And we each get to know your business. Our attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff work as a team to serve our landlord/tenant clientele, utilizing a combination of transactional acumen, negotiating prowess, and litigation mastery to deploy a custom-made approach to your business challenges.

Our Process

1. Begin with the End in Mind

In property management, as with traditional commercial enterprise, every dispute involves a hierarchy of goals.  We help to analyze the competing short-term and long-term objectives and determine the criteria that validate different potential resolutions.  Starting with a well-defined set of factors helps in choosing a direction when you reach the proverbial fork in the road.  Whereas some lawyers react and write in the past tense, we look ahead and help our clients envisage future options and chart a course before the dispute reaches a crossroads.

2. Clear Communication

Business relationships deepen or deteriorate based on trust.  Clear and honest communication leads to trust.  Our method involves drilling down to get past the pretenses and prevarication that too often characterize business communications and get down to the real issues underpinning the conflict between the parties.  We work with our clients to propose proactive solutions to problems and set out clear consequences for breaches and broken promises on our adversary’s part.

3. Negotiation

Good negotiations require a singular focus on the objective from our standpoint, while still recognizing the value proposition from both sides of the table. We believe in clearly articulating our client’s position and the available paths to resolution. In many cases, business negotiations are treated like a game of poker where each side hides their cards, but this tends to delay resolution and prolong the dispute. Instead, we try to be clear and transparent in negotiation.

We find that this direct approach to negotiation leads to a meaningful dialogue over workable options, focuses the discussion around acceptable compromises, and is the quickest path to resolving the dispute.

4. Marshalling of Proofs & Arguments

As soon as preliminary negotiations fall through, we relentlessly marshal our proofs and prepare the case, driving forward until the case is adjudicated or until an acceptable resolution is reached.

5. Litigation or Settlement

Our trial lawyers are born to engage in the arena.  Nothing is more satisfying than going to battle, standing your ground, and emerging victorious.  That said, business is business.  Neither the business world nor the court process is a “zero sum” game.  Relationships last decades and sometimes span generations.  Sometimes legal cases do as well.  The best deals and the most lasting reconciliations benefit everyone.  Our trial lawyers are practical businesspeople as well as competitors.  We are keenly aware that the tides of uncertainty and the changing stakes of conflict can lead to a deal at any moment.

Sound Advice & Counsel

We are not a passive participant in managing your assets. As business lawyers, we have experience with similar disputes encountered by other clients and are in a position to advise of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the partys’ respective positions and the probable outcome should the case result in a lawsuit.

We do not pull any punches in telling you what we recommend based on our experience. But, once you decide how to move forward, we will execute on your desired approach with total commitment.

Protective Legal Protection

Part of our service is to minimize your exposure to liability. This goes without saying in today’s business world where default remedies, limitation of liability, indemnification, liquidated damages and alternative-dispute resolution are in the vernacular and lexicon of business executives, property managers, and lease administration teams.

Risk Management

We continuously improve business processes through experience. We have an eye to minimizing future risks. We do so by implementing strategic practices that we incorporate through contractual protections added into all of a business’s material agreements. As lease disputes arise, we advise our clients on potential revisions to proprietary agreements that will address similar issues and better protect the client in future disputes.

Contract Management

Every company needs processes and procedures to document and keep track of their material agreements, monitor compliance with them, and enforce terms when needed. We partner with our clients to put these systems into place and provide external contract management support as needed.

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