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About This Case

Employee Subjected to Adverse and Retaliatory Employment Action and Wrongful Termination Because of Wage Discrepancy and Disability

Client was a high-level managerial employee whose employer failed to pay his agreed upon wages and asked him to perform additional job responsibilities, despite Client’s known physical disabilities

The Assignment

Client raised concerns about his unpaid wages and the additional job responsibilities to his employer, which then subjected him to adverse and retaliatory employment actions and the ultimate termination of his employment

What We Did.

We represented the Client in claims against his employer including violations of wage payment, retaliation, and discrimination based on age and disability. We claimed damages for harassment, intimidation, and defamation, economic damages (back pay and front pay), severe emotional distress, punitive damages for willful violations, and liquidated damages. The employer disputed the grounds of the aforementioned claims and strongly denied the allegations and asserted that the termination of employment was just and was in fact, solely attributable to the Client’s alleged poor work performance.


After extensive fact discovery and embarking in alternative dispute resolution we were able to settle this case in our Client’s favor for a figure 250 times more than the unpaid wages.

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