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NYS Driver's License Suspension for Unpaid Taxes

Stopping a NYS Driver's License Suspension in its Tracks

For past-due taxes to NYS over $10,000, the Tax Department can certify you to DMV for suspension of your New York State driver's license, revoking your driving privileges. Ouch! You will be notified in advance, and you have 60-days to respond. If you receive a "Notice of Proposed Driver's License Suspension Referral" you want to contact the New York State Tax Department right away, before your time expires. Better yet, hire a tax professional familiar with the process to guide you and file these responses and associated documentation on your behalf. The DMV will send you a further 15-day notice, making your total time to address the issue 75 days. What can you do? If you set up an Installment Agreement, OIC, or other collection alternative, you can avoid license suspension. Likewise, New York State Division of Tax and Finance (NYSDTF) can make exceptions for hardship cases and exceptional circumstances or where you are working on a resolution. The Undue Economic Hardship Exemption is one avenue for relief taxpayers frequently look to. You are basically saying that your current economic circumstances don't allow you to pay down the debt, so the Dep't of Tax and Finance should give you a pass until the situation improves. For other taxpayers, a solution is to permit a voluntary income execution. This strategy works well for government workers and those who work for an employer who will not be turned off by a wage garnishment. There are many facets to this problem and we'd be happy to walk you through them.