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Felony Offenses in New Jersey

When you are charged with a "Felony" or Indictable Crime in New Jersey there is a presumption that you will go to State Prison if found guilty. These charges range from Selling Drugs to Aggravated Assault to Murder. You want an attorney in your corner from Day 1 to explain what you are facing, review the facts and circumstances of the underlying incident and gather the evidence on your side of the case to paint you in the best possible light and gain any possible leverage. A missing link in the State's case, a tainted witness, a defective search, or a tainted piece of forensic evidence could be the linchpin to turning the tide in your favor. The best time to "win" a case from a Criminal Defense perspective is before it even starts - by getting the case thrown out for a Lack of Probable Cause or through a "No Bill" before the Grand Jury. From the time you are charged and the bell goes off, until the time the fight is won, every step of the way, every second of the contest counts. Don't waste time or give up ground. Be proactive and meet the State's efforts to convict you by fighting back and presenting a strong defense. When everything is on the line, from your freedom, to your ability to be there for your family and friends, to your job and you reputation - you need a Criminal Defense team that will fight for you and leave no stone unturned to get you justice and a fresh start. If you have any questions at all about your criminal matter and how you can face your charges head on, please give us a call at (201) 529-8024. We want to hear your story.