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Fazzio Law Offices - We're In Your Corner

At Fazzio Law Offices we help small businesses owners and working professionals who are struggling with a tax problem get relief.  We come up with a plan to solve the problem where they can get a fresh start, and get them back to doing what they do best.  We handle the tax problem so that they can focus on what really matters, succeeding in their business, being there for their family, being present at their job.  A tax problem effects every area of someone’s life and the hardest part is that most of our clients are alone in this fight.  A tax problem isn’t something you bring up at a cocktail party.  Business owners can’t confide in their staff.  Husbands don’t want to admit it to their wives.  It is like having the sword of Damoclese hanging over your head.  We are here to be that person our client’s can turn – it takes a tremendous amount of weight off someone’s shoulders and allow them to get back to their life.

At Fazzio Law Offices, what makes us different from other attorneys and other law firms is that we are there in your corner from the time the bell goes off until the time that the fight is won.  Whereas a lot of other attorneys have a hammer in their tool box and see every case as a nail, we understand that the fact you have a problem is really a red herring.  There is some underlying reason why you got behind on your taxes.  Maybe you had a downturn in your business, or maybe you had a health issue that kept you out of work or affected your income.  God-forbid maybe you are going through a divorce.  Whatever the underlying root problems are, we understand that those are going to have to be addressed as well.  And, whereas other attorneys have this one tool, we have many tools in our tool box.  We can go into bankruptcy court, we can litigate with the IRS, we can get into those David & Goliath type contests or come up with creative solutions involving a financing or workout solution.  Whatever the case may be, we have the ability to tailor a unique solution to your particular problem.  And when you are getting knocked down and beaten up, we can take the pressure off, cheer you on and get you back on your feet so you can defeat your opponent and get a victory that’s meaningful for you.

I became a tax attorney because I love working with small business owners, with professionals and with individuals from every walk of life that are having a financial setback and helping them get a fresh start. 

My favorite movie is Rocky and I love an underdog story.  I guess my second favorite movie would be Rudy.

There is no situation that is more of a David and Goliath contest than going up against the IRS, which is the biggest collection agency on the planet.  When you are going up against the IRS, you need to deploy a vast array of skills from the technical knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and the Internal Revenue Manual to telling somebody’s story the way a criminal defense attorney would portray their client at trial and put them in the best possible light.  You also need to be able to negotiate and understand how the other side negotiates and use diplomacy and leverage in the negotiation process.

So being a tax attorney gives me the opportunity to fight for the underdog and it gives me the opportunity to have those David and Goliath moments and those reversals of fortune, like in Rocky where the little guy bests impossible odds and gets his championship moment.

I started Fazzio Law Offices during the financial crisis.  After being a successful businessowner for almost 30 years, my father’s business failed.  And he was dealing with an array of financial problems himself and his house went into foreclosure.  And I was fighting the banks to save my father’s house, my childhood home, and helping my Dad with some of his financial struggles that he was dealing with.

And it made me realize that as an attorney, I have this amazing privilege and opportunity to take someone who is experiencing this kind of financial hardship and going through something that they can’t handle on their own and be the hero in that story who comes along and gets them through this hard time and find a fresh start.

The difference between the team we’ve assembled at Fazzio Law Offices and what you’ll find at a typical tax problem is like an army recruit and SEAL TEAM SIX!

Just like a special forces mission that is being deployed into the field of war, a team that is trying to resolve a tax problem needs to be ready for anything.  I’m a tax lawyer with a degree from NYU School of Law, which is the premiere tax law program in the country, John Boulton is a criminal defense lawyer who can handle the criminal ramifications of a case and steer cases from going in that direction in the first place.  We also have several bankruptcy attorneys who are familiar with the bankruptcy arena, and for people with crippling financial debt, can utilize that process.  We’ve got corporate lawyers who can work with corporate turnarounds and real estate lawyers who can protect you real estate assets.

This combination of skills and expertise allows us to handle anything that might come up so that we can achieve our objective.

So, when you combine that bedside manner and positive approach with our specialized skill and expertise in a variety of areas of law, add clear communication to the mix so there are no surprises throughout the process, and throw in our competitive drive to get you a win, you have the best team of people working for you that you could find anywhere.

The team at Fazzio Law Offices is awesome.  I love to come to work everyday and see these people.  Everyone on our team was a former athlete and we’re all competitive by nature and like to win.  And we recruit for character and look for people who are people person’s.  Unlike your typical lawyers and paralegals that sit in an ivory tower and are cold and distant and difficult to get along with… we think that our highest calling is to be a good neighbor and a good friend, first and foremost, and be good at our trade second.

Caitlin was a teacher and ran a school.  She also worked in the NICU with terminally ill children.  Anthony was an EMT.  I worked as a waiter and a bartender during college.  Everyone on our team worked in the service industry and values service for those in need.  And we see ourselves as service providers, not as lawyers and suits that are somehow different or better than others.  We actually think that our clients are the most important people in the world and we come to work every day to help them get to a better place in their life.

We all share strong Christian values and believe in the golden rule and handle your case like we would handle our own.

What makes our team unique… is that we’ve been there.  Everyone on our team comes from a family that has had a family business… and either has had a family member or somebody close to them that’s had financial difficulties or legal problems.

So our compassion and our empathy for what our clients are going through comes from real world experience.  We understand the embarrassment, and the shame, and the fear that people are feeling when they are going through a tax problem and how it affects everything in their life.

And we think of all of our clients as extended family members and like to treat them like that family member whose going through a tax situation or business problem.  And we understand that people going through a problem like this need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know there’s a better day coming.

We want our clients to know that we’ve got their back.  And our client relationships are very special to us.  We could sum it up by saying we try to be a “trusted friend.” 

Everybody has someone they go to who tells them not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear… and someone that they go to as a friend who actually comes through for them, no matter what… and that’s what we try to do for our clients.

When our clients come to us with a tax problem, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  They don’t know when an IRS is going to come knocking at their door, their wages may be being garnished, their bank accounts may be being seized, and for business owners the IRS may be sending letters to their customers telling them to pay over directly the payments that are supposed to go to the company to the IRS.

So they are facing the most extreme financial pressure someone can face, while at the same time, many people that are facing a tax problem don’t tell anyone about it.  So they are going through this struggle and this battle completely alone.  To gain an ally in that fight who they talk to and tell the situation to and who can come up with a solution to resolve it for them… and to unburden themselves of this secret that they are carrying around is something that is very emotional and cathartic for people.

It is not uncommon over the course of a case for us to see someone that comes into our office hopeless and disheveled completely rebound and turn their life around as we resolve the problem for them and look like a completely different person by the time we get to the end of their case.

There is no better feeling as an attorney than to be able to help someone resolve their tax problem and get a new beginning. 

As an attorney, I like to say that I “specialize in the possible…” because it is those situations that seem most daunting or even hopeless at the outset, that are most rewarding to see through to the end.

And just like as in the David and Goliath story, we all have a Giant in our life that needs to be defeated and the IRS being the biggest collection agency in the world is the biggest giant out there.  So any time I can help someone conquer that and through that process learn that their limits are a lot greater than they actually thought… it can be a transformative experience for them and it is personally one of the most rewarding things I get to experience as an attorney… and it is what we come here to do every day is to get those victories.

Everything is at stake for our clients.  Their business, their job, their family… even the roof over their head.  There’s no bigger crisis than having a debt that is so large you can never pay it back.  And trying to figure out what you can offer or what kind of path there is forward to resolve that problem.  Our clients are paralyzed by the enormity of what they are facing and they need someone to help them collaborate, brainstorm, and come up with a creative solution… both for the short term… and for the long term… that allows them to get back to their life and to operate their business or go on with their job and keep their family intact… while at the same time putting an end date on the problem and coming up with a way to have it resolved once and for all.

It is important to have an attorney that actually listens to you, and that’s what we strive to do here.  We are not fixing cars here.  This is your life.  And, the biggest resource that any attorney has for solving someone’s problem is understanding their story and listening to what they have to say.

And, the biggest game changer in any legal case is the client being able to unburden themselves of what they are facing and to begin to work their way through the problem themselves.

At Fazzio Law Offices, we aren’t just hired guns that go in and try to work your case out with the IRS and then let you know what happened.  We are in there with you in the ring, in the arena, and we are brainstorming the problem with you, working together with you and collaborating with you to find a solution.

And you are the MVP on that team as our client, because you are the one that knows what got you into this problem, and you ultimately know how to get out… what needs to change in your life so you can get out… but, you just need some encouragement and someone who can help you execute that plan, and that’s what we are here to do.

If you have a tax problem, the best thing you can do is to hire a team of professionals that can handle that problem for you and take it off your plate.  You had to be successful in life to earn enough money to generate a big tax problem.  There is a passion that drove you to success in the first place.  And that is what makes you tick and what you do best.  Tax problems are what we do best.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Let us handle your tax problem so you can get back to what you do best.