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Changes in NJ DUI Law Eliminate Suspensions for 1st Time DUI

Changes in NJ DUI Law Permit Interlock Installation in Lieu of Suspension

A new NJ DUI law (S824) essentially eliminates license suspensions for those with BAC readings between .08 and .10, provided an interlock ignition device (IID) is immediately installed. A convicted DUI offender must keep the IID installed for a minimum of 3 months. This provides a substantial break from the normal 3 month loss of license for 1st time DUI offenses under prior law, which tended to impact employment and parental duties. Changes in NJ law were intended to focus on preventing further instances of drunk driving and rehabilitating the alcohol problem, rather than putting hurdles in place for employment and parenting duties. The new laws recognize that you need your license to get to work, bring your kids to school, and otherwise operate as a functional adult in today's society. The interlock solution allows people facing charges or convicted/pleading to a DUI offense to keep driving (soberly, of course). Many people facing a DUI charge are now able to keep their jobs and their normal schedules, which is a welcome departure from the old regime.