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John Will Help You Through Your Foreclosure Issues And Help You Get Back On Your Feet

Yes, I am writing a testimonial for my son’s services. When he became a lawyer I never thought I would be calling on him to help me, but that’s life. A few years ago, during the economic collapse of 2008 my business failed. Business loans were guaranteed with my home equity and so was my personal income. I called upon John to help me achieve the impossible; I wanted to stay in my home and perhaps work-out a “loan modification” with my bank. This required time and the foreclosure was imminent. I needed to build a new business to create income and gain time to work things out with my bank. I was summoned to court for the foreclosure and John was by my side.

That was over 2 years ago. Since then John has halted the foreclosure process and then actually had it dismissed, gaining me the valuable time I needed to rebuild my life. My business is now starting to grow and the bank has reconsidered doing my loan modification. It is in the works now.

The bottom line is, if anyone can help you stay in your home that is threatened by a foreclosure action, then John Fazzio, III is the one. He has proven to be fearless in the presence of the big banks; and my bank is one of the biggest in the world. While going through this, I certainly felt like I was witnessing a scene from David and Goliath; and David won again! Thank you John, I will always be tremendously grateful for your help! – John P. Fazzio, Jr. (John's Dad)

John P. Fazzio, Jr.