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Fazzio Law Offices

We Take Every Case Personally. Here's What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

Fazzio Law works hard on our clients’ behalf, and it shows in the glowing testimonials we have received from past clients.

John Fazzio is an extremely knowledgeable, well trained attorney. He is a fierce adversary and is relentless in fighting for his client's rights. Despite his age, his experience and capabilities are equal to that of an attorney with 25 years experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough in the field of taxation, litigation, business law.

John, a Litigation Client

John is one of the preeminent tax and bankruptcy litigation attorneys in the United States. He takes a relentless approach to advocacy and has a proven track record of obtaining uncommon results for clients in a variety of industries. John truly enjoys thinking outside the box to solve problems and unlike most attorneys he welcomes and embraces challenges. John is also an accomplished business lawyer and my clients and I regularly consult him with respect to such matters.

Josh, a Tax Client

I am a senior business owner with many, many business dealings in my career. I have had a dozen attorneys over the years.....JOHN FAZZIO is the best attorney I have had!! I don't make this statement off the cuff......I am not the easiest person to work with and I expect to get the service and professionalism I am entitled to as a client. This man will give you MORE than you pay for.....he knows exactly what he is doing and you do not have to baby sit this man to achieve progress regarding your case. 

This guy is a real pro and a born WINNER. This is a very important trait for an attorney to have. So many attorneys could care less if they win or lose.....just show them the money. 

If you want the best possible attorney for your case, hire this man with complete confidence. He will not let you down.

Al, a Debt Collection Client

John Fazzio is not your run-of-the-mill attorney by any means! His ethics and principles are what drives him and his ability to handle even the most challenging of cases with relative ease, is inspiring. What impressed me most about John was his knowledge and understanding of the deepest intricacy's of the law. You won't be disappointed if you go with John Fazzio!

James, a Criminal Client

When a series of tragic events hit my family during the financial crisis of 2008, I almost lost everything. I feel God led me to John Fazzio. Aside from being brilliant, he is the most compasionate lawyer I have ever used. He handled 2 foreclosures I was going through, one trust, and multiple medical bills I was fighting. I would highly recommend him.

Mike, a Foreclosure Client

I have worked with John on about 6 different issues. He has been my lawyer on several corporate deals. He is very intelligent, informed, hard working, and realistic. If there is ever a matter that is not in his specialty (which is not often), he tells you straight up and points you in the right direction. 

I can always count on him for reliable information and to get me where I need to be. 

As a person, John is outgoing, pleasant, and just a good guy all around. 

I would recommend his services for anyone looking for someone to help guide them and be there every step of the way.

Mike, a Corporate Client

John is a very knowledgeable and reliable lawyer. As a small business, we have a wide range of issues to address and John has been able to advise and resolve all of them. Strongly recommended.

Mark, a Business Client

I have recently dealt with John in a real estate transaction and was very pleased with is work. I would highly recommend him.

Joe, a Real Estate Client

I had a case that didn't look too good for me. I was charged with a violent crime. But when John Fazzio took the case, he explained everything to me, and he brightened the picture for me. He went to bat for me and prepared me for the Grand Jury, where we successfully had the case downgraded. One thing different about John is he spent about five hours with me one weekend helping me get ready for the hearing and explaining everything to me. John was also willing to meet me multiple times when convenient for me or to talk to me at length about my charges. John presented himself in a professional but aggressive manner in court. John resolved my case with probation and a fine, and I would recommend him highly. He is not only a great lawyer with a big heart, but someone I consider a friend.

Roy, a Criminal Client

When I first met John Fazzio I was a little apprehensive in hiring a young attorney. All my fears were put to rest after our 1st official meeting. As time went on and I became familiar with John's work ethic, I realized there was no one that could have handled my case in a more professional manner. I would highly recommend John Fazzio, he is an attorney who in my opinion delivers what he promises.

Sylvia, A Litigation Client

Facing foreclosure, I found myself searching for representation that would bring this very uncomfortable period in my life to a close and have the least negative ramifications to my family.

I interviewed close to a dozen attorneys and their firms, most of which either tried to “hard sell” me or were not willing to listen to my particular circumstances or both. Then I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Fazzio.

It was clear from the moment I called that he truly cared about the details of my case and was not providing a canned response to my plight, nor did I feel pressured at any time.

Mr. Fazzio took the time to explain, in detail, the many nuances involved in litigating this type of case and explained the various outcomes that could be achieved. It is a rare thing to find a compassionate, educated and driven person like this. I also worked with his team and they were, as expected, equally impressive.

Given his depth of knowledge, experience and understanding I would highly recommend Fazzio Law to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation. For the record, the Fazzio Law team is still working on my case.

On all rating levels I give Fazzio Law an excellent rating.

Tim, a Foreclosure Client

In 2009, I found myself in an impossible predicament.

I had accrued more than $135,000 in taxes, interest and penalties.

My health had limited my ability to work and I had no way of ever paying this tax debt. I had never owed a tax debt in my entire life and I knew that I needed professional legal help.

I spent over a month searching for a tax attorney who could help me with this problem.

After careful consideration, I chose to work with John P Fazzio III, attorney at law. John treated me as if I was his most important client, I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. I want to thank John for his hard, dedicated work which successfully won me an offer in compromise of $6,220.25.  John's guidance was fair, and right on the mark.  He made a tough, trying situation a whole lot easier for me.

John's assistance and the way he communicated reasonably with the IRS has removed a considerable amount of stress from my life.

I want to thank John and his entire staff for all the work that they have done.  It is not every day that you find an attorney who takes a genuine interest in a client case the way John did, I truly trusted his legal abilities in handling my offer in compromise and he exceeded my expectations!!! I would strongly recommend John P Fazzio III to anyone needing help with tax or any other legal issue.

Keith, a Tax Client

Yes, I am writing a testimonial for my son’s services. When he became a lawyer I never thought I would be calling on him to help me, but that’s life. A few years ago, during the economic collapse of 2008 my business failed. Business loans were guaranteed with my home equity and so was my personal income. I called upon John to help me achieve the impossible; I wanted to stay in my home and perhaps work-out a “loan modification” with my bank. This required time and the foreclosure was imminent. I needed to build a new business to create income and gain time to work things out with my bank. I was summoned to court for the foreclosure and John was by my side.

That was over 2 years ago. Since then John has halted the foreclosure process and then actually had it dismissed, gaining me the valuable time I needed to rebuild my life. My business is now starting to grow and the bank has reconsidered doing my loan modification. It is in the works now.

The bottom line is, if anyone can help you stay in your home that is threatened by a foreclosure action, then John Fazzio, III is the one. He has proven to be fearless in the presence of the big banks; and my bank is one of the biggest in the world. While going through this, I certainly felt like I was witnessing a scene from David and Goliath; and David won again! Thank you John, I will always be tremendously grateful for your help! – John P. Fazzio, Jr. (John's Dad)

John P. Fazzio, Jr.