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My name is John P. Fazzio, Esq., and I am a local New York and New Jersey Family Law Attorney. Many people facing divorce see the "break-up" of their family as a war to be won. With this perspective, they engage in a scorched earth campaign where both sides spend a great deal of money on lawyers filing pointless motions that degenerate into nothing more than "he said, she said" blame games. Meanwhile, critical issues of child custody, parenting time, children's education needs, and the like take a back seat. Download our report on the 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Divorce and Custody - and learn how to re-frame your thinking to see your divorce as a new chapter for your family and a chance to be a good example for your children, rather than showing your children how ugly and hatefully their parents can treat one another.

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"John Fazzio saved me from unnecessary spending. He explained the situation I got into as clear as possible. He was acting fast, asking right questions. He was honest and straightforward. He made me feel safe from the very beginning of our first conversation. I would like to recommend John Fazzio to anyone who got into a difficult situation, or just lost and frustrated by all of these legal notices. - Gulya

"I found myself searching for representation that would bring this very uncomfortable period in my life to a close and have the least negative ramifications to my family. I interviewed close to a dozen attorneys and their firms, most of which either tried to "hard sell" me or were not willing to listen to my particular circumstances or both. Then I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Fazzio. It was clear from the moment I called that he truly cared about the details of my case and was not providing a canned response to my plight, nor did I feel pressured at any time. Mr. Fazzio took the time to explain, in detail, the many nuances involved in litigating this type of case and explained the various outcomes that could be achieved. It is a rare thing to find a compassionate, educated and driven person like this. Given his depth of knowledge, experience and understanding I would highly recommend Fazzio Law to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation. On all rating levels I give Fazzio Law an excellent rating. - Tim

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