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Aggressive Foreclosure Defense Taking the Fight to the Banks

Aggressive Foreclosure Defense, Taking the Fight to the Banks


Why Are You Here?

The world seems to have turned on you without warning. Your family is scared. Your wife or husband blames you for the anxiety that now enshrouds your life. Sleepless nights are the norm. You are on a short fuse and find yourself snapping at the one's you love without provocation. Your health is suffering. Nasty calls from the bank are part of your daily routine. You fear going to the mailbox, because you don't know what notice from the bank or servicing company might be waiting for you.

You worked hard to become a homeowner. It was one of the proudest days of your life when you walked away from the closing table with keys to your own home. Maybe you had just got married, or maybe you were starting a family. There were handshakes and smiles all around. The bank's attorney provided you with seemingly endless documents to sign. You didn't know what many of them meant. The bank gave you a mortgage. They checked your earnings, or maybe didn't, but told you the loan was affordable. You trusted them. Your real estate broker and mortgage broker told you that it was a good deal. You believed them. What went wrong?

You are not alone. Don't lose hope. It is not your fault you are in this situation. If you got a mortgage between 2004 and 2010, you were one of the victims of one of the greatest scams in modern times. And between 2014 and 2018 the same pattern has begun to repeate itself all over again.

You can turn this around, but it is a big problem and you are going to need help. The entire mortgage servicing business is designed to keep you off balance and to confuse and frustrate you. It is not a fair fight. The bank has attorneys and bill collectors and an entire call center. Against their deep pockets and endless resources, you feel helpless and beleaguered. They have you right where they want. You'll agree to almost anything to end this nightmare.

It doesn't seem like it, but you can save your home. You can work out a modification or settlement with the bank. But, you are going to have to fight back. You are going to have to be diligent and prepared. We can help. We deal with these situations every day.

It is like getting news you have cancer. It is bad news. But, there is a treatment. It isn't easy or fun. It is a tough life and death struggle. But, it is one that you can win with faith, good care, and the right advocate on your side. You wouldn't try to treat your own cancer, and you should not try to defend your own foreclosure.

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