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Landlord Tenant Law

Our Belief

Whether the rental income necessary to meet your living expenses is in jeopardy or the residence you call home is in danger of an eviction, Fazzio Law strives to understand the unique needs of both Landlord and Tenants to ensure that justice is served.  Our belief is that understanding each parties' frustrations with the delicate, often emotionally driven, relationship between a landlord and tenant allows our firm to create individualized solutions. 

Our Toolbox

Fazzio Law has developed a tried and tested comprehensive understanding of commercial and residential Landlord & Tenant issues, including non-payment and holdover proceedings, based on such grounds as owner occupancy, non-primary residence, illegal subletting and breach of lease. Our landlord tenant attorney team possess extensive civil litigation experience, and will be able to quickly analyze the key issues in your case that are central to resolving your dispute with competence and judiciousness. We do everything we can to minimize litigation expenses, and we handle your case with that in mind.

For any questions or assistance, please contact the Civil Trial Attorneys at Fazzio Lawwe are in your corner!

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