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Practice Areas at Fazzio Law Offices

At Fazzio Law, we are extremely focused on helping individuals who are having issues with the IRS and taxes, as well as threats of foreclosure, uncooperative banks and mortgage related issues.


Tax law encompasses what happens after you file your taxes (or don't file your taxes). The experienced tax attorneys at Fazzio Law Offices are here to help if you are having trouble with back taxes, audits, underreported sales tax, employment tax, or criminal tax charges.

Foreclosure LawForeclosure Law

Foreclosure is one of the most devastating things to experience in one’s life, but you should never give up without a fight. Many people are faced with foreclosure, not because they're done anything wrong, but because their bank or lender has treated them unfairly. Let Fazzio Law evaluate your case and help you reach an agreement with the bank that you can live with.

Criminal Defense

When you are charged with a Criminal Offense everything is on the line. You need a Criminal Defense Attorney and a defense team that will fight for you. Your freedom, your ability to be there for your family, your livelihood and your reputation are at stake. There is no more David and Goliath scenario you can find yourself in than facing criminal charges.

We fight for our clients from the time the bell goes off until the time the fight is won. A lot of criminal defense attorneys look at your situation as a "case." They have a hammer and see every "case" as a nail. We are different than other criminal defense attorneys. We know that you are a person and your circumstances are unique. We will prepare a defense for YOU. We have many tools in our tool belt and pride ourselves on providing each client with the best possible defense for their unique situation.

A Criminal Charge is not the end of the road. It is a new opportunity to fight for what is most important and to get a fresh start. Give us a call at (201) 529-8024 to learn more about what you are facing, your options, and how to defend your case.


Bankruptcy Lawyers Who Help Clients Reach Financial Freedom.  Ch. 7, Ch. 13, and Ch. 11.  Call the attorneys at Fazzio Law Offices if you need a helping hand restructuring your debt and fighting back against overreaching creditors.

Landlord Tenant LawLandlord Tenant Law

Whether the rental income necessary to meet your living expenses is in jeopardy or the residence you call home is in danger of an eviction, Fazzio Law strives to understand the unique needs of both Landlord and Tenants to ensure that justice is served.  Our belief is that understanding each parties' frustrations with the delicate, often emotionally driven, relationship between a landlord and tenant allows our firm to create individualized solutions. 

Small Business LawSmall Business Law

A small business lawyer can be your guide on your business journey.  Businesses begin as startups, experience setbacks and must engage in turnarounds, and if successful, struggle with periods of rapid growth and expansion.  Every business needs a guide.  On the road of the business journey robbers lurk around every corner.  Do you know the rules of the road?  Do you know the traps for the unwary?  Do you know the signposts and rest stops on the business journey path?  Our small business attorneys have been down this road before, and we know the way to your destination.  Each leg of the journey is beset with legal difficulties and confusing twists and turns.  Accessing capital, navigating taxes, dealing with employee disputes, negotiating material contracts, restructuring debt, working out delinquent creditor accounts, collecting receivables, initiating and defending lawsuits.  Do you know which way to go?  What would the cost of a wrong turn be?  What opportunities would be lost if you went miles down the wrong path and had to double-back to get back on the right one?  At Fazzio Law Offices, our small business attorneys are here to be your guide.


Drunk Driving or DUI in the State of NJ carries serious consequences.  Most significantly you can lose your license.  It is important to present a strong defense from the outset to protect your license and your reputation.  You need to get to work, bring your kids to school, and carry on with your life.  Give us a call at (201) 529-8024 to find out how you can defend the charges against you and save your license, through new opportunities provided by recent changes in the law.

Family LawFamily Law

Divorce problems and the break-up of the family unit is devastating.  Many times the key to a successful divorce is finding a guide who will put your goals clearly into focus, survey the lay of the land, and chart a sure course through this treacherous life transition. Let Fazzio Law Offices evaluate your case and be your guide.

Student Loan LawStudent Loan Law

Student Loan Law

COVID19 Relief LawCOVID-19 Relief Law

COVID-19 has forever changed the global economy as well as our individual lives. The sweeping relief measures of the federal government and adaptations of the legal industry make it crucial to have access to the latest resources and developments. We aim to provide current updates on our major legal areas impacted by COVID-19 for anyone impacted. Our relief coverage focuses on Taxation, Corporate law, Estate Planning, Foreclosure, and other legal practices. Our goal is to help you navigate through these uncertain times, Fazzio Law is in your corner!