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Kimberly Protocollo


Kimberly Protocollo in a Nutshell

Clients want to know that their paralegal is on top of every detail and thinks of everything. Kim can be counted on to leave no stone unturned. Kim’s trustworthiness, conscientiousness, and attention to detail are legendary. Kim is fun and personable but unusually bold when it comes to standing up for her clients’ interests. Nothing is more serious to Kim than getting a result for her client.

Kim will literally communicate with every stakeholder on a client’s behalf, as often as necessary, for as long as it takes, to move the ball across the goal line. Clients love dealing with Kim because they know they can trust her to champion their cause and keep them informed along the way.

Whether it comes to an athletic challenge (Kim is a former competitive gymnast who enjoys cross-fit style workouts) or the fine points of a discovery response, Kim will outwork and outwill the competition at every turn. But, she does so with grace and style. Kim is thorough, enthusiastic, and prepared for anything. She is also fiercely devoted to your cause. A future lawyer in training, Kim has the wits and the dogged perseverance to outsmart and outlast any opponent.

Clients love Kim because she is warm and friendly and loyal. Kim is a mouthpiece for her clients who really hears their concerns. She is always ready to take command of any initiative that achieves her clients’ goals and she is never afraid to do what is necessary to produce results.

Pratice Areas

  • Construction Litigation
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • White Collar Criminal Defense & Corporate Compliance
  • Trade Secretes Protection & Non-Compete
  • Employment Litigation
  • Family Law


B.A., (Legal Studies & Accounting), Lasell College, Cum Laude


State of New Jersey Notary Public


Alternative & Renewable Energy

Construction & Engineering


Health Care

Real Estate

Restaurant & Beverage

Career & Experience

Before joining Fazzio Law Offices, Kim worked with several small law firms and has substantial experience with litigation, transactional matters, real estate transactions, and bankruptcy filings. Kim also worked as a court clerk for several years with the City of Bayonne, Municipal Court. Through this experience, Kim gained an understanding of the court process and gained an understanding of how judges and their staffs evaluate attorney submissions.


Kimberly Protocollo is a Paralegal with Fazzio Law Offices in our Hoboken, New Jersey Office. Kim supports all of the Firm’s practice teams.

At Fazzio Law Offices, we believe that a positive attitude is fundamental to achieving positive results, and we appreciate Kim’s enthusiastic and detail-oriented approach, which we believe contributes to successful case outcomes.

Kim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lasell College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Studies and a minor in accounting. While attending college, Kim worked for the YMCA of Greater Boston coaching gymnastics for elementary school age children. Through this experience Kim learned how to be a “coach” to help young athletes achieve their goals and gain confidence. These same skills carry over well and apply equally to guiding individuals through the legal process.

At Fazzio Law Offices, Kim assists us with helping clients to achieve favorable outcomes and to overcome legal challenges. She is one of our frontline employees that interfaces with clients and answers their questions and is a problem solver who uses her passion for people and her passion for the law to make a difference in the lives of our clients.