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John Boulton, Esq.

Senior Associate Attorney

John Boulton in a Nutshell

Clients want to know that their lawyer can take the heat when the chips are down. John is the rare attorney who keeps a level-head under fire and maintains a steady hand, come what may. First and foremost, he is someone you can rely on.

Whether he is taking on an athletic challenge like running his first marathon (which he did this last May) or working on a new legal case, John is always up for a challenge. And he doesn’t get bothered easily.

John is a disciplined and loyal advocate. Once he takes on your case, John is with you for the long haul and your interactions with John will show him to be a reliable, conscientious, and consistent champion for your cause. A skilled writer and oral advocate, and organized attorney, John is expert at finding common ground and resolving differences, yet totally comfortable fighting for a just cause.

John has trial experience, mediation experience, arbitration experience, and is familiar with the judicial procedures in a broad array of courts. These experiences make him a formidable adversary who can handle himself and who can be relied upon in any legal forum or battlefield. More importantly, he is a good friend to our clients who is easy to talk to and whose good natured and gentle demeanor makes him easy to confide in.

Clients love John because John is on your side. He is encouraging and grounded, and ready to take a stand to defeat your opponents, if necessary. John walks with you, providing a compassionate and understanding ear, but fights relentlessly to achieve your objectives. And John can be counted upon to get results.

Pratice Areas

  • Construction Litigation
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • White Collar Criminal Defense & Corporate Compliance
  • Trade Secretes Protection & Non-Compete
  • Employment Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Tax, Trusts & Estates

Education & Bar Admission

B.A., (Criminal Justice), Rutgers University

J.D., Widener University Delaware Law School, Cum Laude, Law Review Research Editor, Moot Court Mock Trial

Bar Admission

New Jersey

Court Admissions

District of New Jersey


Construction & Engineering

Real Estate

Restaurant & Beverage


Health Care

Representative Matters

Defended a general contractor against claims of fraud and embezzlement in connection with a major multi-billion-dollar development project.

Secured a Summary Judgment dismissal of professional negligence claims against a roofing contractor due to lack of proof the work caused the damages alleged.

Facilitated the receipt of a nearly $1,000,000 SBA 5a Loan for a Cannabis manufacturer operating selling CBD, clearing multiple liens and other title issues identified by the lender.

Facilitated the receipt of a nearly $1,000,000 SBA 5a Loan for a Cannabis manufacturer operating selling CBD, clearing multiple liens and other title issues identified by the lender.

Second chaired a complex divorce trial in Bergen County involving claims of diversion of corporate assets, diminution and waste of jointly owned real estate, and fraudulent transfers, resulting in an equitable distribution of assets in favor of the client.

Second chaired a will contest trial in Hudson County involving claims of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity.

Negotiated an immunity deal and reverse proffer with the United States Attorneys Office and Department of Justice, Tax Division for a client facing white collar criminal charges including tax fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Prepared the Complaint and Discovery demands for a complex plaintiff’s side employment claim for wrongful termination, setting the case up for a significant settlement of more than twice the plaintiff’s annual salary.

Career & Experience

Middlesex Office of County Counsel (Law Clerk)

New Jersey Public Defenders Office (Intern)

Hon. Linda L. Lawhun, P.J.Cr. (Judicial Clerkship)

Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones, P.C. (Associate Attorney)


John J. Boulton, Esq. is an Associate Attorney with Fazzio Law Offices in our Hoboken, New Jersey Office. John is a litigator who is always up for a challenge and thrives on difficult and hard-fought cases.

Before joining Fazzio Law Offices, John worked at a large Philadelphia-based law firm which focused on financial services, where he litigated contested cases involving financing, real estate, landlord/tenant and bankruptcy.

Prior to starting his career in private practice, John served as a criminal law clerk to the Honorable Linda L. Lawhun, Presiding Judge. As a law clerk, John wrote bench memorandum, briefed the Judge on legal issues, and handled dozens of mediations in the Special Civil Part and Landlord/Tenant Court. He also observed live criminal trials and watched the drama of contested cases unfold in real time, deepening his knowledge of the trial process. John’s criminal experience also includes participating in his law school’s Criminal Defense Clinic in Wilmington, DE, where he defended the accused. John interned at the New Jersey Public Defender’s Office in New Brunswick where he honed his legal writing skills. Through this criminal defense experience, John gained a passion for defending the rights of the accused and seeking justice for those who are wrongly accused or who find themselves in jeopardy of becoming just another number on the assembly line that is “the criminal justice system.” “The system” sometimes fails and defendants need a defense attorney like John who will take a stand to turn the long odds any criminal defendant faces back in their favor.

At Fazzio Law Offices, we believe a lawyer should leave no stone unturned and should aggressively advocate the client’s position. At the same time, it is important to balance this aggressive advocacy with diplomacy and aplomb. John is persuasive in and out of the courtroom and is a born litigator.

John graduated Cum Laude from Widener University Delaware Law School, where he competed on the Moot Court Mock Trial Team. Through this experience, John gained valuable experience early in his legal career preparing a case for trial and marshalling and organizing evidence pertaining to the testimony of different witnesses. John tested his mettle against other budding young litigators and discovered a passion for trial work.

John is a competitive individual who was formerly an accomplished wrestler. He also has engaged in community service activities throughout his life and even served as an Eagle Scout Counselor in Training some years back, which provided an opportunity to teach scouting skills and character to a large number of students and to “guide them” through the challenge of earning various merit badges. These same skills carry over well and apply equally to guiding individuals through the legal process.

At Fazzio Law Offices, John helps our clients with litigation and other legal problems. John is a fierce advocate who uses his passion for people and his passion for the law to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

John is a licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey and is pursuing New York licensure.