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Foreclosure and Tax Law Attorneys in Short Hills, New Jersey

Aggressive Legal Representation to Tackle Your Tax and Foreclosure Troubles in Short Hills

If you live in Short Hills, NJ, you are a resident of one of the most pleasant of the bedroom communities for those who work in NYC. An affluent and exclusive area, the town offers a quality of life that harkens back to earlier days, secure and peaceful. The town is particularly convenient for commuters, with rail service directly to Penn Station, and is a favored community for many executives and individuals of note, including Rachel Zoe, Anne Hathaway, and many others who have sought the peace and serenity the town provides to its residents.

Why Choose Fazzio Law for a Taxation or Foreclosure Problem?

If you live in the Short Hills area and are facing any legal problem associated with a foreclosure or taxes, Fazzio Law brings an uncommon level of skill to the table to serve you. Our team is made up of legal professionals that have a combination of advanced financial training and litigation skills that have garnered respect throughout the legal community. We are driven to perform for our clients by our faith and our belief that every person deserves as many second chances as they need. We offer a helping hand through the storm, and our goal is to guide you through to the other side with your legal matter resolved favorably. We can serve you in the following legal matters:

While no law firm can promise results, all of us that work in the legal field are aware that the quality of the lawyer representing you has a significant impact on the outcome of any case, whether a tax-related matter, or a threat of foreclosure. When it seems that the deck is stacked against you, and there may be little hope of a positive resolution, it is time to get in touch with us. We thrive on tackling difficult cases, fighting for our clients in tough venues, and facing off against corporate lawyers or federal attorneys. We are tough, dedicated, and talented, and our approach is personable, persuasive, and based upon sound legal work. We are uniquely qualified to help you resolve tax problems, from the simple to the most dangerous and complex, or to take on banks and other lenders with confidence and an unusual level of legal acumen.

Tax Lawyer in Short Hills, NJ

Are you facing a difficult situation associated with the IRS or state tax authority? At Fazzio Law, we have successfully dealt with some of the most horrendous taxation legal issues, and we urge you to connect with us immediately if you have come under scrutiny by these powerful agencies. These agencies hold incredible power, and their legal threats are particularly dangerous. Our firm’s founder, John Fazzio, has achieved a rare credential that has proven to be of significant value in dealing with tax law matters. He has an LLM (Master of Laws) in Taxation from the premier program at New York University. He takes a unique approach to tax cases because he understands how the government views these issues, and how to work within the system and get results. The firm can assist in a huge range of tax problems, including:

  • Tax Audit Representation   
  • Employment Tax Problems
  • Underreported Sales Tax Issues
  • Criminal Tax Law Matters
  • All Other Taxation Problems, State or Federal

Foreclosure Attorney Serving Short Hills, New Jersey

Those living in the Short Hills area can run into various financial problems, just like anyone else can, when circumstances beyond their control have resulted in an impending foreclosure. You worked hard to reach your goal of owning a home in Short Hills, and you have probably been diligent about keeping current with your payments until something went wrong. There are few more horrible situations than facing the prospect of losing the home you worked so hard to get. At our firm, we have a rare combination of talents that are particularly valuable in foreclosure issues. Banks and other lenders have, in some cases, acted outside the law, committing fraud or other illegal acts. Your case is unique, and how it will be resolved will be based upon a full and diligent examination of all mortgage documents. Are you the victim of misrepresentation? Has the bank failed to modify your mortgage, even though you submitted your documentation? Are you unsure if the party issuing the foreclosure notice is even the actual legal mortgage company? These are all legitimate concerns, and worthy of an investigation. There have been countless cases of mortgage fraud identified in recent years, and even the largest, most respected banks were found to have overstepped the bounds of the law. We are here to help you level the playing field. The odds may look like they are stacked against you, but you may discover that you can walk away unscathed, when the correct legal action is taken for you by Fazzio Law. We represent residents of Short Hills in foreclosure defense, and stand ready to pull you from the wreckage and guide you, while pursuing the most favorable outcome--for you. The legal solutions that may benefit you include:

  • Loan Modifications
  • Forbearance Agreements
  • Sales Agreements Approved by Lender
  • “Cash for Keys” Deals
  • Legal Action Against Lenders

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