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Experienced Tax Law and Foreclosure Defense Law Firm in Ramsey, New Jersey

The Borough of Ramsey, NJ, offers residents a unique quality of life, safe from the hectic pace of the city. Nestled in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains, with a population of only 14,500, Ramsey is a suburb of NYC, and a mere 26 miles from midtown Manhattan. Many who work in the city call Ramsey home, and have chosen to live in one of the most beautiful of the neighboring bedroom communities. Located in Bergen County, Ramsey is a different world, bringing residents the security of small town living and community. Ramsey boasts countless volunteer groups that are involved in advancing education, the arts, emergency services, as well as a range of recreational programs.

Why Choose Us

At Fazzio Law, our entire team is dedicated to serving those who have fallen on tough times and are facing foreclosure, or are struggling to deal with serious tax problems. IRS or state tax issues may seem impossible to solve, but we urge you to speak with us before you make any life-changing decisions. We are truly a different kind of law firm. We are not afraid of taking on challenging cases, and we level the playing field for the “little guy” who is dealing with the IRS or state, no matter how serious the issue. When you need legal help that goes beyond the ordinary, connect with us, and speak with one of our compassionate, dedicated team. We sincerely believe that every person deserves a second chance. No law firm can guarantee results, but as we put it, “We specialize in the impossible.” When we take on a case, you can be confident that we will aggressively advocate for you. Our team will work to identify the legal strategy that could successfully resolve your tax or home foreclosure issue so you can get your life back on track. Our practice areas include:

Aggressive Foreclosure Lawyer in Ramsey, NJ

There are few more stressful personal situations than when an individual or family is under pressure from a bank or other lender, with foreclosure looming on the horizon. We understand that it may appear that the other side holds all the cards—not true. You have rights, and there are various legal strategies that could be employed to turn the tables on a large bank that has no concern for your future, or the future of your family. We live for these “David and Goliath” contests, and can take on the biggest bank and their corporate lawyers with confidence, and with the highest level of legal skill. In order to achieve victory, your Ramsey foreclosure lawyer must demonstrate certain qualities. Those of us working in the profession come in all shapes and sizes, and no two lawyers or law firms are alike. We believe that our firm offers unique qualities that could be of significant benefit to you. Not only are we highly skilled in dealing with foreclosures and tax law matters, but we are also driven to perform by our personal convictions and our underlying faith. New Jersey law is complex, and we are proud to bring our considerable experience to the table for those whom we feel need it most. No matter how serious your legal situation may appear to you, our goal is to identify the legal strategy that could help you to save your home, or avoid a punishing tax problem with the added problems of liens, levies, frozen accounts and other threats from the tax authorities, whether state or federal.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Ramsey, NJ

Every foreclosure case is different. Every legal situation is different. The first step is to talk to a lawyer at our firm and find out what can be done to halt the foreclosure process in order to potentially save your home, your financial security and the future of your family. We don’t allow you to be steamrollered by a system that appears to have the odds stacked against you. Your lawyer at Fazzio Law will help you to seek out the option that will best serve you. The strategy may involve a loan modification, a sale of the property, and other options such as “cash for keys” deals that give you adequate time to relocate. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We tailor our strategies around the client and the legal situation, rather than employing a cookie-cutter approach to foreclosure defense.

Tax Law Attorneys in Ramsey: Fighting Back

If you have back taxes, and have a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy,” you have every reason to be anxious. It is critical that you get legal help on an immediate basis. The IRS can easily access your bank accounts, and has the right to do so. Our firm takes on the toughest and most complex tax problems with confidence, and dedicated determination to aggressively pursue a favorable resolution. Our Bergen tax lawyer can take on cases including the following:

  • Back Taxes
  • Audits
  • Underreported Sales Taxes
  • Employment Taxes
  • Criminal Tax Case Defense

Our founder at Fazzio Law, John Fazzio, is uniquely qualified to represent you, having achieved an LLM (Master of Laws) in New York University’s Taxation Program. He understands how the IRS operates, and how the people working in the system evaluate a case and come to a decision. Rather than just taking on a tax case and crunching the numbers, he will employ his deep understanding of tax law in conjunction with his personal, persuasive style of presentation to package a reasonable solution for you in the most compelling manner. You deserve this level of professional skill if you are in trouble with the IRS or the state.

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Take advantage of our firm’s skills, knowledge and personal dedication to each person we serve. We will do everything in our power to bring your case to a favorable resolution. We are here to protect your interests. Call us today at 201-529-8024 or take advantage of our offer of a free consultation.