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Colts Neck Tax and Foreclosure Attorneys

Aggressive Legal Representation to Tackle Your Tax and Foreclosure Troubles in Colts Neck

Colts Neck was originally a farming community, and is still the location of a number of large equestrian farms. Over the years, Colts Neck has transformed, and has become an exclusive enclave, dotted with mansions and sprawling estates. The population stands at only about 10,000, and the Township offers its residents a rare quality of life, surrounded by forests, farms and fields. Colts Neck is only a few miles from the Jersey Shore, and boasts several historical sites from the Colonial Era, including the Colts Neck Inn, built in 1717, and important Revolutionary War sites. The Township is now the home of several well-known celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen and Queen Latifah.

Why Choose Fazzio Law?

Fazzio Law is not your average law firm. Each member of our team firmly believes that every person deserves a second chance. Our goal is to assist our clients through the toughest legal situations, and as we like to put it, “We specialize in the impossible.” If your tax problem looks impossible to resolve in a favorable manner, and the IRS or state tax agency appears to hold all the cards, it is time to reach out to us for help. We represent people in the Colts Neck area in both tax and foreclosure matters, and our team is uniquely qualified to take on the most challenging legal problems. Each team member has a combination of litigation skills as well as advanced financial training, which has proven to be a significant advantage in resolving either a foreclosure or tax problem. Our founder, John Fazzio, is a seasoned trial lawyer who exhibits an exceptional level of skill and talent in case development and persuasive presentation. No matter how challenging the case, he jumps at the opportunity to go up against any corporate law firm or to advocate with the tax authorities, with confidence. We believe in getting results, and although no law firm can guarantee a victory, you can trust us to do everything in our power to advocate for your interests--from start to finish. We are guided by our deep faith, and our most treasured moments are when we meet a client in a seemingly untenable position, offer hope, and are able to pull them from the wreckage, fight for their cause, and achieve victory. We are truly advocates for those we represent.

Foreclosure Attorney in Colts Neck, New Jersey

Your home is your castle, and one of the most important parts of the American Dream. After working hard, saving, and paying your mortgage, the threat of a foreclosure can be unbearably stressful. What will happen to you and your family? Will you lose all you have worked for? We take on foreclosure cases and fight to get the situation under control in a manner that best suits the situation. Don’t assume that there are no options--you may have been the victim of illegal acts by a lender. It is critical that our Colts Neck foreclosure lawyer reviews your mortgage documents to determine the most effective action to take to help you. We work long hours to identify the legal strategy that will best protect your interests. There are often several options, including strategies that will allow you to either legally retain or get a lender’s agreement to list and sell the property. Your bank or lender is not concerned about you and your family, or your future, or whether you keep or lose your home. You may have submitted applications to get help with a loan modification, only to be faced with a foreclosure notice. We are ready to take them on and advocate for your interests. Some of the options available may include:

  • Loan Modifications
  • Forbearance
  • Sales Listings Approved by Lender
  • “Cash for Keys” Deals if Appropriate
  • Legal Actions Against Lenders

Taxation Attorney in Colts Neck

The IRS has incredible power. It is a matter of great concern if the IRS or the state is coming after you on any tax issue. They have the right to freeze your bank accounts, seize assets, garnish wages, or charge you with a crime if they believe you have been untruthful. These are dangerous legal matters, and if you have been contacted by the IRS or the state for any tax matter, we urge you to get in touch with our team at Fazzio Law at once. Our firm’s founder, John Fazzio, has achieved a rare credential from New York University, the premier doctoral tax program in the world, with an LLM (Master of Laws) in Taxation. His depth of understanding of tax law goes far, far, beyond the ordinary, which has proven to give his clients a distinct advantage when facing a taxation problem. The firm takes on both the most challenging cases as well as those that need a simple, effective fix. Fazzio Law can offer help with the following tax problems:

  • Audits
  • Criminal Tax Case Defense
  • Unfiled Tax Issues
  • Levies
  • Sales Tax Problems
  • Employment Tax Issues

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Connect with our firm and find out how we can help you get your legal matter moving in the right direction. You can contact us directly by phone at 201-529-8024, or use our online contact form. We offer a free initial case consultation so you can find out more about us, and how we can help you.