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NYC Housing Court General FAQs


What are My Options as Landlord in NYC Housing Court?

Landlords/owners start cases in Housing Court to:

  1. Collect rent; and to
  2. Evict tenants and roommates.

What are My Options as Tenant in NYC Housing Court?

Tenants start cases in Housing Court to:

  1. Get repairs;
  2. Move back in after an eviction; or to
  3. Stop harassment by the landlord/owner.

What May a Housing Court Judge Do?

A Housing Court Judge can order:

  1. rent to be paid;
  2. Tenant to vacate an apartment;
  3. Tenant to reoccupy an apartment;
  4. Repairs; or
  5. Money due to the tenant from the landlord/owner on counterclaims.

What are the Fees Associated with Housing Court?

Housing court fees vary with complexity of case and financial resources of the Plaintiff; however, the following fees generally apply:

  1. $45.00 to start a case; &
  2. $70.00 if you ask for a jury trial.

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