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What Is The Difference Between An Attorney and a Modification Firm?


When that Summons and Complaint appears in the mail, it’s time to hire an attorney.  The sooner you have an attorney on your team, the better they will be able to frame and articulate the predatory practices, fraudulent modification promises, and other violations the bank has engaged in – and to determine if these issues really exist in your case – because you don’t want to raise claims that don’t fit the facts of your case and lose credibility with the Court.  If an attorney is on the case early on, before a Complaint is filed, there will be more time to investigate.  Documenting the violations that exist in your particular case, and detailing the facts that led you to stop paying your loan, can form a bridge to settlement, and the better your case, the more successful a lawyer will be in putting together a viable modification package and settlement proposal.