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5 Things You’ll Love When Working With a Tax Attorney

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Tax problems are uniquely terrifying. And for good reason. The IRS can levy your bank accounts, garnish your wages, send your vendors levy notices, seize your refunds, revoke your passport, and cancel your social security – just to name a few. The IRS collection arm is slow to act, but is like a juggernaut that never stops once it gets going. Compared with going it alone, you will love having a tax attorney on your side. Here are the 5 reasons why.

  1. You Won’t Have to Talk to the IRS

There is an old adage that a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client. The same can be said of taxpayers. The biggest advantage to working with a tax lawyer is that you will have an actual representative making your case to the IRS. And it will be a lawyer who speaks the IRS’s language and can paint you in a positive light. You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing, getting your foot stuck in your mouth, or revealing damning information accidentally that will sink your case. Having a tax attorney takes the pressure off of you and makes you look good to the IRS. What is it worth to spare yourself the aggravation and anxiety of a trip to an IRS office?

  1. Interest and Penalties Can Be Reduced

Odds are that you are not an expert in tax procedure and don’t know the factors the IRS looks at to grant or deny penalty abatement. A tax attorney does! Interest and penalties can double or triple your tax debt. If you want to get them waived, you have a much better shot if you have a tax attorney on your side. In many cases where penalties are abated, the cost of representation may be partially or completely covered by the tax savings from the abated penalties.

  1. Avoiding Having Your Bank Account or Paycheck Seized

Nothing is more stressful than waking up to an empty bank account that was just seized by the IRS or expecting your paycheck as per usual, only to find out that some or all of your pay was garnished by the IRS. And what is more embarrassing than having your employer find out you are behind on your taxes? A tax attorney knows how to “stop collections” while your case is under review for a resolution. A tax attorney can tell you when you are at risk and play defense, stopping many levy or garnishment situations in advance. What is it worth to avoid having your bank account seized?

  1. Settling Your Tax Debts for Less

Let’s face it – you don’t have the money. If you had the money, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. But, the IRS thinks you do have the money and you are saving it for a fancy tropical vacation instead of paying them. A tax attorney can present your financials in order to cut a deal with the IRS to pay less than the full amount owed through an Offer-in-Compromise if you really lack the assets and income to pay in full within a reasonable time. A tax attorney can tell you if you qualify for this kind of discount. What would it be worth to settle your tax case for less than what you owe this year, rather than making payments for years to come without reducing what you owe?

  1. Getting Your Life Back – Re-Focusing Your Energy on Work & Family

A lot of people lose their jobs or neglect their family responsibilities due to the stress and weight of a tax problem. Ever feel like you are still mentally at work when you are at home, or feel like you are distracted and unable to focus at work – all because you can’t see the light at the end of the financial tunnel that you call a tax problem? A tax attorney can take over your case and handle all aspects of it so you can get back to doing what you do best and can devote your time and effort to your family.


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