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Fazzio Law Offices

Learn About the New York and New Jersey Offices of Fazzio Law.

What makes our law office tick? We think you'll find Fazzio Law is not your average law firm. We are here to serve you and to help you get your life back on track.

Fazzio Law Offices is a different kind of law firm.  We believe that everyone deserves as many second chances as they need and that we all need a helping hand through the storms of life.  We believe in getting results, and while no lawyer can guarantee victory, we like to say that we “specialize in the impossible.”  The most rewarding experience the members of a law firm can have is to take on a challenging case, meeting a client at their worst possible moment, give them hope, pull them from the wreckage, advocate for their cause, achieve victory and see them through to better days. 

Everyone on our team has a combination of advanced financial training combined with litigation and advocacy skills.  There are accountants and foreclosure/tax/bankruptcy attorneys out there who know their craft, but they are merely technicians.  At Fazzio Law Offices, we are advocates in everything that we do.  We will do the technical work as well as anyone, but the value we bring to the table is our ability to go after the results that are important to you with passion, diplomacy and aplomb.

At Fazzio Law Offices, we want to be your lawyers and advocates for life.  We specialize in foreclosure litigation, tax controversy work, and entertainment law.  John Fazzio is also a trial lawyer who jumps at the chance to take almost any case to trial, whatever the area of law.  Although we specialize in those things we do best, Fazzio Law Offices has expertise with almost every legal issue that an individual or small business can face.  While we meet most of our clients through one of our specialty focuses, we try to grow with our clients and become a one stop shop for all of their legal needs.

If you become our client, we expect you to be part of the solution.  We give homework!  We expect you to meet deadlines to get us necessary documents and information.  As one commentator said, Winning is a Team Sport.  We expect you to be engaged and involved in your case and to participate in the process.  The more involved you are, the more successful we can be.  But, we don’t stop there.  We also have an eye toward your long-term success.

We have tax/foreclosure clients that come to us owing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  After settling their tax/foreclosure woes, we help them get their financial house back in order, clean-up their bookkeeping, meet their tax compliance obligations, institute financial controls, and ultimately work to help them build banking relationships, establish credit lines, apply for revolving lines of credit, access private or public capital, establish sound employment backstops, and the list goes on.  Some clients just need a quick fix and they are on their way, but we are open to building a lawyer-client relationship that will last a lifetime, if not for generations to come.

At Fazzio Law we represent individuals, not just corporate entities.  We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, gaining their trust, and being a part of their lives.  We give counsel, not just legal advice.  We strive to get results, instead of just going through the motions.  We learn about your business endeavors and try to act as a resource to connect you with our extended network of professionals.  We take an interest in who you are and what you do.  We did not become professionals to sit in an ivory tower and pontificate from afar.  We want to get our hands dirty.  We want to get to know other people in the community and work with them through challenging situations, and to expand our network of contacts.  Most of our clients come to us through referrals and we depend on our clients to know, like and trust us, and to recommend us and help us to grow.

At Fazzio Law Offices, we are not shy about expressing our Christian beliefs.  We believe that great things can be accomplished through good sound legal work.  However, there are times where only grace and divine blessing can see us through the storms and trials of life.  These blessings can be as simple as getting the sympathetic ear of the right judge or drawing an adversary with the acumen and spirit to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.  We have seen it time and time again where a faithful client, usually humble and gracious and trusting, walks out of Court with a surprising victory, against truly long odds, and we can only attribute those victories to God.  These are the pieces of the puzzle that are outside the province of sound legal work, and it is not unusual for John Fazzio to ask a client before walking into Court, “How are you with God?  Have you prayed recently?  Now, would be a good time for a prayer.”