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My name is John P. Fazzio, Esq., and I am a local New York and New Jersey Tax Attorney.  I have extensive experience with IRS Tax Resolution.  The #1 Secret to gaurantee you get the best deal from the IRS is to act quickly to proactively get your case before an IRS Representative before they come to you.  To give you the best deal, the IRS needs you to be currently in-compliance with all your tax filing obligations and needs a detailed proposal.  



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"Here's a guy who understands the mechanism behind how things work in the IRS and was able to respond to my specific needs as a result. In the end, he was able to clear me of all the penalties. Even then, he took the time to explain the resolution, what it meant, how to confirm the results, and what to do if future situations should occur." - Justin F.

"When I met John, I was desperate. We had a complex tax issue and the IRS had started to levy and had already taken a considerable amount of money from us. John got to work on our case and was able to resolve our IRS issue. We just received a refund check from the IRS for all the money they levied. We are very grateful for all of John's help. We highly recommend him!" - Paul F.

"My father had delinquent FBARs going back many years as his accountant failed to file. He had a business, home, life and substantial assets overseas in his native country. We went to 3 different attorneys before we came here and not one suggested anything but to pay substantial penalties. John came up with unique approach and executed it most successfully. Fazzio Law Offices helped us come into full compliance and to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of FBAR penalties." - Tanya S.

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