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My name is John P. Fazzio, Esq., and I am a local New Jersey and New York Tax Attorney.  I have extensive experience with New York and New Jersey Sales Tax Audits.  The #1 Surefire Way to Win Your Sales Tax Audit... is to CONDUCT YOUR OWN AUDIT and give the State the results.  You will come up with a fairer result that will be a fraction of what the State would come up with every time.



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"I can't tell you how fortunate I am that I had chosen Fazzio Law to represent me. In 2010, I received a notice from the IRS for an audit on my business tax return. At the time, I assumed that my accountant could handle the audit. The IRS then proceeded to haunt me & my business for the next 3 years. Finally, in 2013, I hired John Fazzio (attorney) & Manuel Zoquier (enrolled agent) to represent me and to take over the audit. They put a stop to all the harassment and within a few months, my audit finally got resolved with no changes to my tax return.” – Marilyn


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