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The #1 Strategy for Defending a Foreclosure

My name is John P. Fazzio, Esq., and I am a local New York and New Jersey Foreclosure Attorney.  Many of my family and friends ended up having foreclosure problems after the 2008 recession.  So, I became a foreclosure attorney to help them.  The #1 Strategy for Defending a Foreclosure is to take a two-pronged approach.  You need to have a plan to save your home and simultaneously fight back to gain leverage against the bank to get your plan accepted.  The banks steamroll people through the process.  Our Foreclosure Attorneys can give you back your sanity and get the bank working with you to solve the problem rather than against you to take your home. 


What Clients Are Saying...


"After searching for an attorney we found Fazzio Law Offices and John P Fazzio. John and his entire staff were great to work with during our year long process. From listening to our desired outcome and outlining our plan John and his team accomplished our goal. Communicating with the firm was always timely and Catherine, Dan, Mike, John and 'the other John' helped keep our anxiety in check. I would highly recommend this firm." - L.P.

"After fighting with our mortgage company on our own for a few years to try to get a modification after some troubling financial times, they sued us for foreclosure. We had consulted with Mr. Fazzio and his associates the year before so we knew it was coming, but the bank had made us think we were close to a resolution. Nope, in reality they wanted our house. We hired Mr Fazzio and his firm to represent us and within record time they got us a long-sought modification offer and then guided us through it, even when the bank tried to play games by switching servicers a month into our trial period." - M.S.

"I've been through multiple lawyers over the past 6 years, including a few loan modification companies, and was struggling to modify my loan or find a positive result to save my mortgage. All that happened was I wasted a lot of money and never got a deal, until I found John Fazzio and Zubin Haghi and their Office Manager Mike Timpone. I'm really, really happy. I was shocked when in three months Fazzio Law Offices was able to get me a modification that got me back into good standing and saved me about $1,500 off what I was previously paying." - I.C.

The Fastest and Best Way to Win Your Foreclosure Case...

Is to Have a Plan and Fight Back To Get Your Plan Heard

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