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Fazzio Law Offices

Practice Areas at Fazzio Law Offices

At Fazzio Law, we are extremely focused on helping individuals who are having issues with the IRS and taxes, as well as threats of foreclosure, uncooperative banks and mortgage related issues.

Tax LawTax Law

Tax law encompasses what happens after you file your taxes (or don't file your taxes). The experienced tax attorneys at Fazzio Law Offices are here to help if you are having trouble with back taxes, audits, underreported sales tax, employment tax, or criminal tax charges.

Foreclosure LawForeclosure Law

Foreclosure is one of the most devastating things to experience in one’s life, but you should never give up without a fight. Many people are faced with foreclosure, not because they're done anything wrong, but because their bank or lender has treated them unfairly. Let Fazzio Law evaluate your case and help you reach an agreement with the bank that you can live with.

Family LawFamily Law

Divorce problems and the break-up of the family unit is devastating.  Many times the key to a successful divorce is finding a guide who will put your goals clearly into focus, survey the lay of the land, and chart a sure course through this treacherous life transition. Let Fazzio Law Offices evaluate your case and be your guide.