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Manuel Zoquier

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Manuel Zoquier

Manuel Zoquier

  • Tax Manager
  • Fazzio Law Offices
  • 164 Franklin Turnpike
    Mahwah, NJ 07430
  • 201-529-8024

Manuel Zoquier

Tax Accountant

[email protected]

Direct Line: (201) 529-8024

Manuel Zoquier is an aggressive young professional who prides himself on getting results.  Manny is a young accountant and paralegal.  He routinely prepares tax returns and modification applications, defends IRS and State tax audits, negotiates with the IRS and bank representatives, and assists with routine litigation tasks.  Manny is a professional who complements his analytical skills with a friendly demeanor and an ability to negotiate and advocate aggressively for his clients.  He also has a keen eye for detail.

Manny is a valued part of the Fazzio Law Offices team and someone who can help to simplify and demystify complex financial problems.  If you are putting together a modification application, he can help you pull together the necessary documentation and understand the NPV analysis undertaken by the banks.  If you are ten (10) years behind on your tax returns, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in arrears, both business and personal, and have an IRS representative at your door, Manny can spring into action and get a handle on the situation, and rapidly prepare accurate returns for you (while getting you every deduction you are entitled to).  Manny is especially skilled with audit defense matters for business clients.

Since joining Fazzio Law Offices, Manny has also started working on foreclosure litigation matters, assisting with pleadings, discovery, legal research, and litigation support.

As an accountant, Manny spent a number of years preparing tax returns under the tutelage of Donald G. Koch, a respected New York tax practitioner who owned and ran one of the premier Tax Controversy boutiques in New York City.  At the Law Offices of Donald G. Koch, Manny was able to resolve complex tax issues for a broad array of clients.

Before starting his career, Manny attended Lehman College, where he graduated with honors and received a B.S. in accounting.  Manny is currently sitting for the Special Enrollment Examination to become an Enrolled Agent who can practice independently before the IRS.  

Manny has published several academic papers in various academic journals and continues to read and write prolifically.  Manny has a variety of hobbies including weight lifting, martial arts, music and real estate investment.