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Michael Timpone, Executive Director

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Michael Timpone

Michael Timpone

  • Executive Director
  • Fazzio Law Offices
  • 164 Franklin Turnpike
    Mahwah, NJ 07430
  • 201-529-8024


Michael Timpone
Executive Director and Paralegal
Michael Timpone is a serial entrepreneur who has been running the operations of Fazzio Law Offices since its inception. 

Mike has decades of business acumen, but his real value to the client is his compassion for their plight and his passion for aggressively advocating their cause.  While Michael is not a lawyer, he is a vital part of our litigation team, and uses his finance and business knowledge to analyze the evidence in each case.  Mike has a rare gift for plodding through tedious financial records, loan applications, HUD statements, and fee schedules in search of a diamond in the rough.  Mike repeatedly finds the ‘smoking gun’ or the ‘lynchpin’ that directs our strategy for an entire case.

Mike is an intense and impassioned advocate, but he has a soft bedside manner which puts clients at ease and disarms our adversaries.  While Mike always puts the clients’ interests first, he does not see even a contentious foreclosure or tax case as a “zero-sum game.”  There is no reason why a solution cannot be found that is good for everyone.  Mike can often assist the attorneys at Fazzio Law Offices with narrowing the issues and marshaling the necessary evidence that opposing counsel needs to show the bank or the tax authority that our client’s position has merit, and that it is a win-win.

Mike has a B.S. in Business Management from the College of New Jersey.  Mike has over fifteen years of experience owning and running a family-owned business with his father.  He is also an investor with numerous real estate and financial investments, and is a great resource for clients in need of financial counsel.

He is also a graduate of Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp.

Mike is a loving husband and father to two wonderful children, Michael and Alexa.

Mike was the first one to see the potential to form a viable law practice centered around helping people in need through the storms of personal and financial hardship.  Mike saw many of his friends who had been successful for years get blindsided and crushed by the financial crisis of 2008.  Mike saw his friends experiencing difficulty finding professional help that would enable them to correct course and steer through the stormy seas of financial turmoil.  At the time, John was working at a tax law firm and moonlighting helping a family member try to overturn a contested foreclosure.  Mike saw that there was a real opportunity to wield those same skills to help others in need, and that there was a shortage of attorneys in this area and encouraged John to go out on his own and form a firm with this focus.  Thus, Fazzio Law Offices was born.